Deliver cross-channel customer-centric experiences with highly relevant messages sent at the right time

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Merge Tags

Send messages that include customer specific information, shopping cart content and more.

Higher Open Rates

Personalized content is guaranteed to increase both open rates and conversion rates.

Behavioral Targeting

Get in touch with your customers with messages that are more relevant to their needs.

Advanced Segmentation

Build audience segments with logical conditions that update themselves.

Send the right message to the right people

Leverage customer data to create custom audiences and trigger timely cross-channel messages that convert.

Dynamic content with merge tags

Use customer attributes, shopping cart details and more to personalize cross-channel messages and get better results.

Use merge tags for all marketing channels
Include shopping cart data in your messages
Can use default values if merge tag not available

Advanced audience segmentation

Build specific audience segments with logical conditions, that once created, will automatically be updated.

Easy to use, visual segment builder
Limitless audience segments with 40+ filter options
Works with all our messaging channels

Retarget based on campaign activity

Don't be annoying by only sending repeated messages to people that didn't engaged with a previous campaign.

Works with all marketing channels
Use any channel interaction from opens to clicks and more
Narrow down with event frequency and period capping

Personalized product based campaigns

Retarget and up-sell customers that previously viewed, added to cart or ordered specific products or from specific product categories.

Filter by product or product category
Use event frequency and particular time intervals
Combine with 40+ additional segmentation options

Dynamic segments for cart content

Create dynamic audience segments based on customer cart content to trigger more relevant marketing automations.

Send different coupons based on total cart value
Precise timing with to the minute control
Offer personalized quantity based discounts
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If you need a very particular integration with your website we are here to help. Get in touch for an ultra-personalized integration.

Hear what our amazing customers say

+5% conversion rate from web push notifications

Movalio's vision convinced us quickly that this is the solution that will allow to grow to the next level in terms of automated customer communication.

Ciprian Gheran
Managing Partner at

Automatic integration with CAS CRM

Not only a great platform but also a 5- stars technical team ready to help with custom integrations.

Dorin Andreica
CEO at Softnet Consulting

+26% onboarded users for SaaS

We've been able to build a complex suite of ultra-personalized onboarding campaigns that lead to higher conversion and a lower churn rate.

Lucian Daniliuc
CEO at
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