Marketing Automations

Deliver personalized, cross-channel messages that convert visitors to customers and customers to repeat customers.

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Multichannel Automations

Automate customer engagement across multiple channels and devices.

Real-Time Reporting

Track and analyze key performance metrics, in real-time.

Personalized Campaigns

Increase sales with targeted, personalized marketing campaigns.

Ready-to-use Automations

Get up and running in no time with pre-built automations for cart abandonment recovery and more.

Get more sales with marketing automations that convert

Be ready in minutes — Target your audience with pre-built marketing automation campaigns

Cart Abandonment Recovery

Recover lost sales with cross-channel messages that bring your subscriber back to your website and convert.

Customize messages with shopping cart content
Send different messages based on total cart value
Get a complete performance report of your automation

Back in Stock Alert

Keep your customers updated with personalized messages when a product they desired is back in stock.

Customize messages with back in stock product details
Use inventory value threshold to trigger automation
Use advanced audience segmentation for custom triggers

Price Drop Notification

Send specific targeted messages automatically to customers when a favorite product is on sale.

Customize messages with product details
Trigger price drop automation only if price change meets a threshold value
Use advanced audience segmentation for custom triggers

Product Abandonment Recovery

Get your customers back when they browse your store but don't convert.

Welcome Series

Say hello to new subscribers with personalized message series and create a strong good first impression on your brand.

Up-sell and Cross-sell

Recommend products that perfectly fit your customers based on their previous purchases.

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Don't just take our word for it

Hear what our amazing customers have to say

We made the switch from Mailchimp and we're very satisfied with Movalio.
The automation features and the widgets  the platform provides opened new opportunities to communicate with our audience. We're now using new marketing channels with great results.


Send Transactional Messages

Start sending transactional messages from your application in just a few minutes. Easily design emails like password reset or order status updates from the same platform with the same easy to use Email Editor. And it works for all our supported channels with just a simple API call to trigger.

Merge Tags

Automatically use customer data or use template variables

Real-time Reporting

Get same analytics like for regular campaigns

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