Newsletter Campaigns

Create and send beautiful email newsletters that are designed to increase customer engagement and conversions.

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Custom Audience

Don't send everything to everyone. Easily create and target unlimited audience segments.

Measure Conversion

Get real-time data on performance and conversion tracking with reports built for eCommerce.

Schedule Delivery

Work on your own schedule and get maximum engagement with scheduled delivery.

Automatic UTM Tracking

Stop losing time adding UTM parameters manually. Enjoy automatic UTM parameters and track campaign performance in Google Analytics.

Design stunning emails with ease

Get creative with mobile-ready email templates

Drag-and-drop email builder

Take full control of how your email content looks. Design without coding with the drag-and-drop email composer. Use blocks, images, buttons and more to create the perfect email for your audience.

Friendly composer that gets you started in seconds
Responsive emails out of the box
Customize look for mobile view

Beautiful email templates

Choose from our gallery of pre-built templates and save time. Customize any template to match your brand and prepare for great performance.

Templates made precisely for E-Commerce
All content under your control
Easily replicate and reuse design

Smart product block

Bring your customers closer to your store with every email sent. Insert products directly from the Email Editor with a simple drag-and-drop.

Integrated Content Studio

Store all your photos, graphics and other assets in one central place and use across all your marketing campaigns. No more back-and-forth emails — your team can quickly find what they're looking for.

Manage all your assets from one place
Organize with nested folders
Quickly find what you're looking for
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Don't just take our word for it

Hear what our amazing customers have to say

We made the switch from Mailchimp and we're very satisfied with Movalio.
The automation features and the widgets  the platform provides opened new opportunities to communicate with our audience. We're now using new marketing channels with great results.


Real-time analytics and conversion oriented reporting

Track and analyze your newsletters key performance metrics. Get real-time data with reports built for eCommerce.

Attribution Models

Choose the model to represent your marketing strategy

Download Reports

Export detailed reports in PDF or Excel files.

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