Audience Management

Put your customers in the center of your marketing strategy using our customer management pack of tools

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Audience Segmentation

Easily create dynamic audience segments that update in real-time.

Behavioral Targeting

Get in touch with your customers with messages that are more relevant to their needs.

Sign Up Forms

Grow your subscribers list with unlimited, customizable signup forms.

CRM for E-Commerce

Really get to know your customers. Featuring a 360° view of your customer.

Send the right message to the right people

Leverage customer data to create custom audiences and trigger timely cross-channel messages that convert.

Advanced audience segmentation

Build specific audience segments with logical conditions, that once created, will automatically be updated.

Easy to use, visual segment builder
Limitless audience segments with 40+ filter options
Works with all our messaging channels

One home for all subscribers

Get fast access to your entire subscriber database.

Import existing subscribers
Filter subscribers database
Manage subscribers for all channels in one place

Get personal with tags and events

Use your store activity to create behavior-based audience segments for highly precise targetting. More relevant marketing campaigns means more conversions.

Custom tags & events from your store
Various equality and comparison operators
Segments that automatically update themselves

Visually design sign up forms

Use our fully fledged form builder to design beautiful and engaging sign up forms that convert.

Full HTML form editor
Save time with a pre-built template or start from scratch
Multiple trigger conditions for showing forms

CRM tool for E-Commerce

Really get to know your customers. Features a 360° profile view of your customer data.

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Unlimited ways to segment your audience

Subscriber data

Date or time since subscription
Events & Tags
Subscription channels

Channel interactions

Email activity
Web push activity
Mobile push activity


Session count
Time since last session


Product category
Checkout started
Order placed, fulfilled, refunded or cancelled

E-commerce cart

Cart item count
Cart unique item count
Cart total price
Time since last cart update
Cart quantity


User Agent data

Grow your business with simple audience management tools

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