Mobile Push Notifications

Drive engagement for your native mobile application

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Visual Editor

Build push notifications with a simple to use WYSIWYG editor.

Transactional Push Notifications

Trigger notifications by custom events using a simple API call.

Mobile Push Automations

Benefit from the same automation power from our other marketing channels.

Easy App Integration

Simple installation with iOS and Android support.

Flexible automation features for mobile push notifications

Leverage customer data to create custom audiences and trigger engaging mobile push notifications

Advanced audience segmentation

Build specific audience segments with logical conditions, that once created, will automatically be updated.

Easy to use, visual segment builder
Limitless audience segments with 40+ filter options
Works with all our messaging channels

Get personal with tags and events

Use your store activity to create behavior-based audience segments for highly precise targetting. More relevant marketing campaigns means more conversions.

Custom tags & events from your store
Various equality and comparison operators
Segments that automatically update themselves

Personalize your mobile push notifications for better results

Send targeted mobile push notifications that include customer specific information, shopping cart content and more.

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